A 1924 has _________ Ethernet interfaces.

A. 24

B. 26

C. 27

D. 28

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  1. Which would you use to move your cursor back one word?
  2. A __________ topology uses a single connection to connect all devices together.
  3. Which of the following is not an advantage of route summarization?
  4. When using the show interfaces command, which Frame Relay information can you not see?
  5. When setting up an RJ-45 console connection, you need a RJ-45-to-DB-9 __________ adapter to attach to…
  6. What uses 64 Kbps of bandwidth?
  7. RIP has a hold-down period of ____________ seconds.
  8. You have this binary value: 11000001. This equates to _____ in decimal.
  9. Which of the following is not true concerning TCP?
  10. Which of the following is a valid subnet mask value?
  11. Which of the following is the most expensive type of WAN connection?
  12. What would you use to prevent a packet from traveling around a routing loop forever?
  13. A _________ is used to connect networking devices that are in a very close geographic area, such as…
  14. Which of the following is true concerning ACLs?
  15. A routing protocol that supports route summarization must perform all except which of the following?
  16. You have a 24-channel T1 connection to your router. How many VCs does this T1 support?
  17. You are in Interface Subconfiguration mode and want to completely return to Privilege EXEC mode. What…
  18. VLSM allows you to summarize and as
  19. During the learning function, the switch places addresses and ports in a(n) _________ table.
  20. Which command takes you from Privilege EXEC mode to User EXEC mode?
  21. IOS images can be loaded from all the following except:
  22. Which type of routing protocol uses the Shortest Path First algorithm?
  23. ___________ has both physical and logical ring topologies.
  24. The slot number of a 1900's Fast Ethernet uplink ports is ________.
  25. The ___________ is the point where the carrier's responsibility ends and yours begins.
  26. OSPF uses __________ as a metric.
  27. Which Frame Relay command is used to manually resolve addresses?
  28. Which IGRP command allows unequal-cost load balancing?
  29. If you wanted a list of parameters for the show command, you would type ________.
  30. _________ allows you to create this summarization: