A 32 bit microprocessor has the word length equal to

A. 2 byte

B. 32 byte

C. 4 byte

D. 8 byte

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  1. You use a(n) ________, such as a keyboard or mouse, to input information
  2. ________ is the measurement of things such as fingerprints and retinal scans used for security access.
  3. The metal disks, which are permanently housed in, sealed and contamination free containers are called
  4. Microprocessors as switching devices are for which generation computers
  5. ________ is the ability of a device to "jump" directly to the requested data
  6. The output quality of a printer is measured by
  7. What is the path from which data flow in a computer system is known as
  8. A group of magnetic tapes, videos or terminals usually under the control of one master is
  9. EEPROM stands for
  10. What is a light pen?
  11. Which statement is valid?
  12. The difference between memory and storage is that memory is _____ and storage is __
  13. Which of the following controls the process of interaction between the user and the operating system?
  14. The system unit of a personal computer typically contains all of the following except:
  15. RJ45 UTP cable has _____ Cables.
  16. How many symbols exist in Baudot code?
  17. IBM 1401 is
  18. Which of the following are the best units of data on an external storage device?
  19. A physical connection between the microprocessor memory and other parts of the microcomputer is known…
  20. The first Macintosh computer was from
  21. An application program that helps the user to change any number and immediately see the result of that…
  22. Which of the following is the smallest storage?
  23. Which of the following registers is loaded with the contents of the memory location pointed by the PC?
  24. Which is the type of memory for information that does not change on your computer?
  25. How many bit code is used by Murray code for TELEPRINTER machines.
  26. A computer Program that translates one program instruction at a time into machine language is called…
  27. ________ provides process and memory management services that allow two or more tasks, jobs, or programs…
  28. Storage capacity of magnetic disk depends on
  29. A system is
  30. RAM is used as a short memory because it is