A capacitor consists of two

A. Conductors only

B. Dielectric only

C. Conductors separated by a dielectric

D. Dielectric separated by a conductor

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  1. A capacitance of 0.05 F equals
  2. Which one of the following elements serves as a protection against overload?
  3. Property of an electric circuit that dissipates electric energy
  4. In an ac circuit with a resistive branch and an inductive branch in parallela the
  5. The reason why electrical appliances are not connected in series.
  6. Which of the following capacitors are used only in dc circuits?
  7. In liquids and gasesa ionization current results from a flow of
  8. The temperature coefficient of resistance of electrolytes is
  9. When capacitors are connected in parallela the total capacitance is
  10. A capacitor of 0.5 F charged to 220 V is connected across an uncharged 0.5 F capacitor. What is the…
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    Which of the following is the statement of Ohms law?
  12. A resistor wound with a wire doubled back on itself to reduce the inductance.
  13. A switch designed to have low capacitance between its terminal when open.
  14. Which of the following has a positive temperature coefficient?
  15. Tungsten filament of bulbs has a hot resistance higher than its cold resistance due to its temperature…
  16. What is the peak factor for alternating current or voltage varying sinusiodally?
  17. The power factor of a certain circuit in which the voltage lags behind the current is 80 %. To increase…
  18. The reason why alternating current can induce voltage is
  19. Conventional flow assumes charges flow from
  20. In a multiple capacitora the plate area is
  21. An alloy composed of 84 % coppera 12 % manganese and 4 % nickel.
  22. The unit of elastance is
  23. Which of the following combination of length and cross-sectional area will give a certain volume of…
  24. What fusion of elements is without chemical action between them?
  25. In a series RLCcircuit
  26. Another term for superconductor.
  27. Parallel resonant circuit is sometimes called as
  28. The ___ of an alternating quantity is defined as the fractional part of a period or cycle through which…
  29. A law which states that when a constant electromotive force is applied to a circuit consisting of a…
  30. What is the reciprocal of capacitance?