A _________ connects two or more LANs in the same geographic area.





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  1. The ___________ converts an ISDN four-wire connection to a two-wire connection.
  2. The router automatically saves its configuration.
  3. An _____________ is a public IP address associated with an inside device.
  4. A __________ topology uses a single connection to connect all devices together.
  5. Which of the following is false concerning CHAP?
  6. Which IGRP command allows unequal-cost load balancing?
  7. You are given a Class C network with 25 bits of networking. How many subnets do you have?
  8. Which is true concerning a port in a listening state? (Choose all correct answers.).
  9. Which VTP mode(s) will propagate VTP messages?
  10. OSPF hellos are sent every __________ seconds on a multi-access medium.
  11. _________ is/are a routed protocol.
  12. A __________ route is the best path to reach a destination within the topology table.
  13. Which command activates an IP ACL on a router's interface?
  14. Which router command performs an overwrite process? (Choose all correct answers.)
  15. _________ negotiates the data link and network layer protocols that will traverse a PPP connection.
  16. Which prompt indicates that you are at User EXEC mode?
  17. Which of the following are classless protocols?
  18. A _________ provides a high-speed infrastructure to move data between storage devices and file servers.
  19. Which metric components, by default, are used in IGRP? (Choose all the correct answers.)
  20. The function of the MODE button is to __________.
  21. The _________ command takes you from User EXEC mode to Privilege EXEC mode
  22. When examining the IP routing table, an EIGRP route will be shown as what letter?
  23. You have this binary value: 11000001. This equates to _____ in decimal.
  24. Which router-on-a-stick command defines the VLAN for the interface?
  25. Which of the following are not features of ACLs?
  26. When choosing a dynamic routing protocol, which of the following should not be considered?
  27. BPDU stands for ____________.
  28. When configuring a router-on-a-stick, the configuration is done on __________.
  29. Which of the following is true concerning full-duplexing?
  30. If the 2950's RPS is ________, the external power supply is supplying power.