A database can be best described as

A. Organized collection of data

B. Useful presentation of data

C. Graphical representation of data

D. All of above

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  1. The__ button on the tool box display data from a related table
  2. In one-to-many relationship the table in one side is called _______ and on many side is called _______
  3. A database object in MS Access that stores a question about the data in database?
  4. Which of the following store command to retrieve data from database?
  5. The___ operator will cause a record to be selected only if two or more conditions are satisfied
  6. To duplicate a controls formatting you can use___
  7. It is most common type of query. It retrieves records from one or more tables and then displays the
  8. The command center of access file that appears when you create or open the MS Access database file.
  9. Which of the following can be an example of a database?
  10. What do you mean by one to many relationship between Student and Class table?
  11. This key uniquely identifies each record
  12. This is the stage in database design where one gathers and lists all the necessary fields for the database…
  13. Which of the field has width 8 bytes?
  14. The key uniquely identifies each record in a table.
  15. In table design view, which key can be used to switch between the field names and properties panels?
  16. Which of the following is not a database object?
  17. Which of the following statement is true
  18. To create relationship between two tables
  19. To sort records in a table
  20. How can you link a table with another so that a field in current table will display values in drop down…
  21. Database Management Systems are featured with:
  22. A database language concerned with the definition of the whole database structure and schema is ________
  23. If you write criteria values vertically (one in a row) it will mean
  24. What are the columns in a Microsoft Access table called?
  25. To create queries in Access
  26. Which of the following expresses correct order?
  27. DCL provides commands to perform actions like
  28. Which field type will you select when creating a new table if you require to enter long text in that…
  29. After entering all fields required for a table, if you realize that the third field is not needed, how…
  30. Collection of related records in a database is known as