A JSP file can be stored_________________

A. With the extension .jsp in servlets folder of the jws

B. With the extension .html in public_html folder of the jws

C. With the extension .jsp in public_html folder of the jws

D. None of the above.

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  1. The use of protected keyword to a member in a class will restrict its visibility as follows:
  2. All methods in an abstract class must be declared abstract.
  3. The setBackground() method is part of the class
  4. In the code below, what data types the variable x can have?
  5. The import statement is always the first no comment statement in a Java program files.
  6. When we implement the Runnable interface, we must define the method
  7. class.forName(...) creates an instance of java ODBC driver
  8. The concept of multiple inheritance is implemented in Java by
  9. The default case is always required in the switch selection structure.
  10. If a=10 and b= 15, then the statement x =(a>b)?a:b; assigns the value 15 to x.
  11. Java always provides a default constructor to a class.
  12. A string object can not be modified after it is created.
  13. Every call to wait has a corresponding call to notify that will eventually end the wafting.
  14. Which exception is thrown by the read() method of InputStream class?
  15. A package is a collection of
  16. DataInput is
  17. An EJB is a server-side component that encapsulates the business logic of an application
  18. If a=10 and b= 15, then the statement x =(a>b)?a:b; assigns the value 15 to x.
  19. Which of the following methods belong to the String class?
  20. The name of the RMI compiler is ___________
  21. When the string objects are compared with ==, the result is true If the strings contain the same values.
  22. Submit button always fires doPost(...)
  23. What is java -g used for?
  24. A constructor must always invoke its supper class constructor in its first statement.
  25. It is perfectly legal to refer to any instance variable inside of a static method.
  26. Which of the following string can be used as mode string for creating a RandomAccessFile object?
  27. An individual array element that is passed to a method and modified in that method will contain the…
  28. Which of the following statements are true?
  29. All the bitwise operators have the same level of precedence in Java.
  30. The programmer must explicitly create the system .in and system .out objects.