A law that states that the polarity of the induced voltage will oppose the change in magnetic flux causing the induction.

A. Joule's law

B. Faraday's law

C. Coulomb's law

D. Lenz' law

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  1. Magnetic fields do not interact with
  2. The potential at a point due to a charge is 15 V. If the distance is times, the potential at the point…
  3. If two similar charges 1 coulomb each are placed 1 m apart in aira then the force of repulsion is
  4. Magnetic intensity is a
  5. Formed when there exist distant electronic interactions between (opposite) charges present in the neighboring…
  6. A law that states that the current in a thermionic diode varies directly with the three- halves power…
  7. Electrons at the outer shell are called
  8. The magnetic field around the conductor is determined by the
  9. Which of the following has the highest permeability?
  10. The electric field intensity between the parallel plate air capacitor is 20 N/C. If an insulating slab…
  11. One of the solid structures in which the position of the atoms or ions are predetermined
  12. Electric potential is a _______ quantity.
  13. Two similar polesa each 1Wba placed 1 m apart in air will experience a repulsive force of
  14. ______ is an electromagnet with its core in the form of a close magnetic ring.
  15. A theorem which states that an electric current flowing in a circuit produces a magnetic field at external…
  16. All matters (gasa liquid and solid) are composed of
  17. The force acting on a unit n- pole placed at that point is called
  18. Used to maintain strength of magnetic field
  19. What is the practical unit of electrical energy?
  20. What is the value of the absolute permittivity of air?
  21. The energy stored in an electrostatic field or electromagnetic field is called
  22. Electron is a Greek word for
  23. Hysteresis refers to the ______ between flux density of the material and the magnetizing force applied.
  24. The emf produced in a wire by its motion across a magnetic field does not depend upon the
  25. What is the reluctance of a magnetic path having a length of 2x 10^-3m and crosssectional area of 2.5…
  26. Cobalt is an example of a ______ material.
  27. It is the reciprocal of reluctance and implies the case of readiness with which magnetic flux is developed.
  28. If on looking at any one end of a solenoid; the direction of current flow is found to be clockwise then…
  29. Permeance is analogous to
  30. A principle that states that only two electrons with different spins are allowed to exist in a given…