A light year means

A. a unit of time

B. a unit of length

C. a year of no consequence

D. illumination throughout the year

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  1. Out of the following, name the fluorescent substance.
  2. Tea pots are highly polished
  3. An electric charge is measured in
  4. Enriched uranium means
  5. Astigmatism, a structural defect of the eye, is due to
  6. The enormous energy released in nuclear and thermonuclear reactions is due to conversion of
  7. The ozone layer absorbs
  8. The planet that moves fastest around the sun is
  9. In which of the following will a piece of iron weigh most?
  10. Heat is transmitted from one end of a metal rod to its other end by the method of
  11. The device for tracking and locating the position of a moving object in space is called
  12. The method used to separate aluminium from a alumina is
  13. If you want a sound proof room, the walls should be
  14. The period of oscillation of a simple pendulum depends upon
  15. The Cact that the compass needle does not point true north was observed first by
  16. The completely dark portion of a shadow of an object is known as
  17. The focal length or lens or the eye is under the control or the
  18. Water has maximum density at
  19. Bats flying in the dark avoid obstacles because
  20. SONAR (Sound Navigation Ranging) is
  21. A nuclear reactor is said to have become 'critical' when
  22. Tap water is placed in an open pad and allowed to evaporate. After some time the temperature of water
  23. The filament lamp is an example for
  24. Acoustics' la a branch or study dealing with
  25. Why is nuclear fusion also known as thermonuclear reaction?
  26. Who first established the fact that the earth revolves round the sun?
  27. Halley's comet appears in the heavens once in
  28. The weight of a body is
  29. The planet with the reddish tinge is
  30. The barometer was invented by