A linear circuit is one whose parameters

A. Change with change in voltage

B. Change with change in current

C. Do not change with voltage and current

D. Change with change in voltage and current

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  1. A factor that states how much the resistance changes for a change in temperature?
  2. For a series ACcircuita ___ is not used as a reference phasor.
  3. Refers specifically to steady state values of quantities in ac circuits which are complex numbers.
  4. Which of the following is a way of decreasing mutual inductance?
  5. Which of the following is neither a basic physical law nor deliverable from one?
  6. What is the reading of an ohmmeter for a shorted capacitor?
  7. In liquids and gasesa ionization current results from a flow of
  8. The maximum power transfer theorem is used in
  9. For a carbon composition resistora typical resistance values range from
  10. A capacitance of 0.05 F equals
  11. An open resistor when checked with an ohmmeter reads
  12. When the movable plates of a gang capacitor completely overlap the fixed platesa the capacitance of…
  13. Tungsten filament of bulbs has a hot resistance higher than its cold resistance due to its temperature…
  14. When capacitors are connected in parallela the total capacitance is
  15. Inductive reactance applies only to sine waves because it
  16. Which of the following is a preferred resistor value?
  17. Metal tin becomes superconductor at approximately
  18. Which is considered as the effect of a dielectric material?
  19. The temperature coefficient of resistance of electrolytes is
  20. In a series RLCcircuit
  21. If the inductance is decreaseda the impedance of the circuit containing a resistor a capacitor and an…
  22. If a coil has a Q of 10a it means that
  23. It is impossible to change the voltage across a capacitor instantlya as this would produce ___ current.
  24. If a multiplate capacitor has 10 platesa each of area 10 cm2a then
  25. The charging of a capacitor through a resistance obeys
  26. Which of the following is not considered a physical factor affecting resistance?
  27. The reason why electrical appliances are not connected in series.
  28. A switch designed to have low capacitance between its terminal when open.
  29. What is the value of a carbon composition resistor with the following color code: Browna whitea orangea…
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