A normal CD- ROM usually can store up to _________ _data?

A. 680 KB

B. 680 Bytes

C. 680 MB

D. 680 GB

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  1. Which of the following code used in present day computing was developed by IBM Corporation?
  2. ________ Computers are of large size
  3. Which of the following is not purely output device?
  4. SMPS stands for
  5. Storage capacity of magnetic disk depends on
  6. Which computer has been designed to be as compact as possible?
  7. What was the first computer to perform all calculation using electronics rather than wheels, ratchets,…
  8. A computer cannot 'boot' if it does not have the
  9. Which of the following processors use RISC technology?
  10. A register organized to allow to move left or right operations is called a
  11. If in a computer, 16 bits are used to specify address in a RAM, the number of addresses will be
  12. What is meant by a dedicated computer?
  13. Which of the following is not anti-viruses software?
  14. In order to play and hear sound on a computer, one needs:
  15. The first electronic general purpose digital computer built by Eckert and Mauchly called ENIAC did not…
  16. What was the nick name of the computer used by the Americans in 1952 for their H-bomb project?
  17. The first machine to successfully perform a long series of arithmetic and logical operations was:
  18. The storage subsystem in a microcomputer consists mainly of __ or __ media with varying capacities
  19. Memory unit is one part of
  20. The output quality of a printer is measured by
  21. Which of the following is/ are operating systems
  22. The word processing task associated with changing the appearance of a document is
  23. A high quality CAD system uses the following for printing drawing and graphs
  24. A compiler is a translating program which
  25. Nepal brought a computer for census of 2028 BS. This computer was of
  26. When was vacuum tube invented?
  27. DOS stands for
  28. When creating a computer program, the ________ designs the structure of the program
  29. One of the popular mass storage device is CD ROM. What does CD ROM stand for?
  30. Binary numbers need more places for counting because