A relation is in attribute of other composite key. if an attribute of a composite key is dependent on an

A. 2NF

B. 3NF


D. 1NF

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  1. Which of the following concurrency control schemes is not based on the serializability property?
  2. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a relational database model?
  3. An advantage of the database management approach is
  4. A ____ key specifies a uniqueness constraint that no two distinct tuples in any state r of relation…
  5. A list consists of last names, first names, addresses and pin codes. If all people in the list have…
  6. In an E-R diagram double lines indicate
  7. A top-to-bottom relationship among the items in a database is established by a
  8. The one guideline to be followed while designing the database is
  9. Relational Algebra is
  10. The clause alter table in SQL can be used to
  11. Processed data is called _____
  12. For using a specific database command is used.
  13. DROP is a statement in SQL.
  14. Key to represent relationship between tables is called
  15. Dependency preservation is not guaranteed in
  16. The values of the attribute describes a particular
  17. Which of the following is not a logical database structure?
  18. Relations produced from an E-R model will always be
  19. Cascading rollback is avoided in all protocol except
  20. Which normal form is considered adequate for normal relational database design?
  21. _______ product was acquired by Informix, integrated into its RDBMS and introduced as the Informix Universal…
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    If both the functional dependencies : XY and YX hold for two attributes X and Y then the relationship between X and Y is
  23. _____ First proposed the process of normalization.
  24. The normalization was first proposed by .
  25. The full form of GUI is _________
  26. The transactions like adding an employee, enrolling a student in a course are examples of _______
  27. If the closure of an attribute set is the entire relation then the attribute set is a
  28. Which of the following is true for network structure?
  29. Which of the following aggregate functions does not ignore nulls in its results?.
  30. The metadata is created by the