A table ....

A. can be formatted with character formats like bold and paragraph formats like borders and shading

B. can be created and modified with a button on the standard tool bar

C. is a method of organizing data in your document

D. is a grid organized in columns and rows

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  1. Which feature helps you to inserts the contents of the Clipboard as text without any formatting
  2. To use your keyboard instead of the mouse to select tools on the ribbon, you display the KeyTips by…
  3. Which of the following is not a type of page margin?
  4. What is the default number of lines to drop for drop cap?
  5. Thesaurus tool in MS Word is used for...
  6. How can you remove tab stop markers from ruler?
  7. A table ....
  8. Ctrl + G is used to
  9. Which menu in MSWord can be used to change character size and typeface?
  10. MS-Word automatically moves the text to the next line when it reaches the right edge of the screen and…
  11. The minimum number of rows and columns in MS Word document is
  12. Shimmer, Sparkle text, Blinking Background et are known as
  13. To verify that the note text is positioned correctly on the page, switch to _____ view or display the…
  14. Which of the following option is not available in Insert >> Picture?
  15. To open Columns dialog box quickly..
  16. The other Col# are inactive when youve select 3 columns. How will you activate those boxes?
  17. To autofit the width of column
  18. The Word Count command on the Tools menu displays the number of words as well as the number of _____…
  19. It is possible to _______ a data source before performing a merge.
  20. The _____ is a short horizontal line indicating the conclusion of a document.
  21. The feature of Word that automatically adjusts the amount of space between certain combination of characters…
  22. To update a formula in a table, press the
  23. AutoCorrect was originally designed to replace _________ words as you type.
  24. Why Drop Caps are used in document?
  25. Typeface option will come under which menu ?
  26. When assigning a shortcut key to a symbol, you should always try to select a key or key combination…
  27. When the Language bar is _____, it means that you do not see it on the screen but it will be displayed…
  28. A _____ is a collection of predefined design elements and color schemes.
  29. Landscape is ?
  30. Selecting text means, selecting?