ABS() function will generate a hole value when used with a number with fraction part (ex: 125.26598)

A. True

B. False

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  1. The project extension name of a VB project is .vbj
  2. When someone uses the code like list1.list(1); then it will return the first item of the list box control.
  3. The full form of IIS is :
  4. It is possible to change the shortcut key assigned to any menu for accessing within the menu editor.
  5. ABS() function will generate a hole value when used with a number with fraction part (ex: 125.26598)
  6. Visual Basic produce:
  7. In timer control _____________ is the most important property.
  8. RichTextBox1.BulletIndent=5 ; what will be the effect of this code if used in any program
  9. In case of visual basic, IDE means :
  10. Constants are processed faster than variables :
  11. It is possible to load a MDI form without any childform.
  12. It is possible to pass different number parameters to a function when call the function on different…
  13. What is the default value for multi-select property of list box control.
  14. To run an application you have to press :
  15. In visual basic the default unit is :
  16. The title of the dialog box can be changed.
  17. One can change or read the alignment of one or more paragraph of rich text box control through
  18. The size of 'Boolean' data type is :
  19. If the Flag constant for the font common dialog box is cdlCFPrinterFonts then it causes the dialog box…
  20. Function Add(Num1 as integer, Num2 as integer) as integerAdd=Num1+Num2Num1=0Num2=0End functionThis body…
  21. Terminate is a valid event in form operation
  22. Time variable is used to store date and time in visual basic
  23. If you want a list box control with check box option, which property of list box control you will have…
  24. Now() function will return the current drive and directory you are working on as return value.
  25. MDI form1.Arrange vbTileHorizontal; this code in a MDI form will
  26. In _______________ control you can get only drop-down list of the content but cannot add directly anything…
  27. To get the property window in visual basic you have to press :
  28. Suppose there are two forms; form1 and form2 ; if there are codes like : In form1.active event Form2.showAnd…
  29. By default 'Dim myvar' this statement:
  30. When using do loop-while statement then the statements within the loop body will be executed only once…