Activate event is called before load event

A. True

B. False

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  1. when using 'do until-loop' statement as stated belowI=10Do until I>5Print II=I+1LoopThis statement…
  2. The default startup object can not be changed in a project
  3. Time() function is used to recover date & time.
  4. Through which property of option button control one can change the font color of the caption.
  5. Delete method of the recordset of Data Control or Data Access Object is delete the record which is pointed…
  6. _____________ property of any control cannot change at run time.
  7. The extension name of a Visual Basic form is _____________.
  8. To get the property window in visual basic you have to press
  9. CommonDialogs control is visible at runtime
  10. You can get the ASCII value of any character or number by using
  11. What will be the output when the statements below will execute :Dim a as integera=0while(a<5)print…
  12. Visual Basic has ____________ number of editions
  13. In _______________ control you can get only drop-down list of the content but cannot add directly anything…
  14. If there is a control array of label for 10 elements, then what will be the fifth element in the array?
  15. It is possible to access a menu without using mouse, to access the menu ;pressing the Ctrl key and the…
  16. Isnull(), IsEmpty() determines weather any variable has been initialize or not
  17. When using do loop-while statement then the statements within the loop body will be executed only once…
  18. CommonDialog control is the default control that anyone can find in the toolbar when a new project is…
  19. Sort is a method by which elements can be sorted in flexgrid control
  20. If you want a list box control with check box option, which property of list box control you will have…
  21. You can get a dropdown list and as well as can add some text directly to ____________ Control.
  22. Say there is a string "Ramcharan"; when someone using Mid() function like MID("Ramcharan",2) then what…
  23. The title of the dialog box can be changed.
  24. In visual basic Bool variable stores
  25. It is possible to insert a picture in a option button control.
  26. By default 'Dim myvar' this statement:
  27. which should be included when an application is used without any forms
  28. Instr$(text1.text,"visual") will returns :
  29. cell alignment property can be used to align the cells with different alignment style
  30. It is possible to build an application without using any form: