Any class may be inherited by another class in the same package.

A. True

B. False

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  1. Any method in a supper class can be over ridden in its subclass.
  2. If a=10 and b= 15, then the statement x =(a>b)?a:b; assigns the value 15 to x.
  3. The use of protected keyword to a member in a class will restrict its visibility as follows:
  4. Message-Driven beans act as a listener for the Java Message Service API, processing messages synchronously
  5. Members of a class specified as private are accessible only to the methods of the class.
  6. Which of the following statements are true?
  7. When we implement the Runnable interface, we must define the method
  8. Consider the following class definition.Class Student extends String{}What happens when we try to compile…
  9. The keywords reserved but not used in the initial version of Java re:
  10. All methods in an abstract class must be declared abstract.
  11. EJBs can be of the following type(s)None of the above
  12. Consider the following code snippet: try {int x=0; int y=50/x; System.out.println("Division by zero");…
  13. Any class may be inherited by another class in the same package.
  14. A final class may not have any abstract method.
  15. Which of the following classes are available in the java.lang package?
  16. Which of the following methods can be used to draw the outline of a square?
  17. Which of the following are keywords?
  18. Which of the following command lines options generates documentation for all classes and methods?
  19. A constructor must always invoke its supper class constructor in its first statement.
  20. Submit button always fires doPost(...)
  21. Consider the following statements: int x = 10, y = 15; x = ((x < y) ? (y + x) : (y - x); What will…
  22. It is an error to have a method with the same signature in both the super class and its subclass.
  23. If m and n are int type variables, what will be the result of the expression'm % n' when m = -14 and…
  24. Which of the following will produce a value of 10 if x = 9.7?
  25. When present, package must be the first no comment statement in the file.
  26. Which of the following methods can be used to remove a component from the display?
  27. JdbcOdbcDriver is an object of Object class
  28. The default case is always required in the switch selection structure.
  29. All the bitwise operators have the same level of precedence in Java.
  30. It is an error if a class with one or more abstract methods is not explicitly declared abstract.