Any storage device added to a computer beyond the immediately usable main storage is known as

A. Floppy disk

B. Hard disk

C. Backing store

D. Punched card

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  1. What do you call the programs that are used to find out possible faults and their causes?
  2. The two kinds of main memory are:
  3. Which of the following have low failure rate?
  4. Punched cards were first introduced by
  5. Which of the following is first generation of computer
  6. Which of the following is not a form of data?
  7. What is the main difference between a mainframe and a super computer?
  8. IBM 1401 is
  9. Another word for a daisy wheel printer
  10. Which one of the following input device is user- programmable?
  11. A program that performs a useful task while simultaneously allowing destructive acts is
  12. IBM System/360 is
  13. Computer operators
  14. ________ computer is small general purpose micro computer, but larger than portable computer
  15. A stand-alone system which produces one page of printed output at a time is
  16. RATS stand for
  17. _________ translates and executes program at run time line by line
  18. Who invented Integrated Circuits?
  19. Which was the most popular first generation computer?
  20. In most IBM PCs, the CPU, the device drives, memory expansion slots and active components are mounted…
  21. What does DMA stand for?
  22. Which type of computers uses the 8-bit code called EBCDIC?
  23. What is the first stage in software development?
  24. Operating system, editors, and debuggers comes under?
  25. A digital computer did not score over an analog computer in terms of
  26. An error in software or hardware is called a bug. What is the alternative computer jargon for it?
  27. Second Generation computers were developed during
  28. The term ________ designates equipment that might be added to a computer system to Enhance its functionality.
  29. Personnel who design, program, operate and maintain computer equipment refers to
  30. In a computer _____ is capable to store single binary bit.