Assume transaction A holds a shared lock R. If transaction B also requests for a shared lock on R.

A. It will result in a deadlock situation.

B. It will immediately be rejected.

C. It will immediately be granted.

D. It will be granted as soon as it is released by A .

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  1. Which normal form is considered adequate for normal relational database design?
  2. The ______ language consists of SQL statements for operating on the data (insert, Modify, Delete) in…
  3. operator is used to compare a value to a list of literals values that have been specified.
  4. If two relations R and S are joined, then the non matching tuples of both R and S are ignored in
  5. _____ is a utility to capture a continuous record of server activity and provide auditing capability.
  6. approach reduces time and effort required for design and lesser risk in database management.
  7. Which of the following is not a logical database structure?
  8. Wait-for graph is used for
  9. In SQL, testing whether a subquery is empty is done using
  10. The transactions like adding an employee, enrolling a student in a course are examples of _______
  11. Which of the syntax is correct for insert statement? i) insert into values ii) insert into (column list)…
  12. The division operator divides a dividend A of degree m+n by a divisor relation B of degree n and produces…
  13. The drawback of shadow paging technique are
  14. Data items grouped together for storage purposes are called a
  15. SQL server stores index information in the _____system table
  16. The part of a database management system which ensures that the data remains in a consistent state is
  17. Shadow paging has
  18. For correct behaviour during recovery, undo and redo operation must be
  19. ______is a special type of integrity constraint that relates two relations & maintains consistency across…
  20. The graphical representation of a query is .
  21. ______ keyword is used to find the number of values in a column.
  22. Protection of data from unauthorized Disclosure results in loss of _______
  23. Whenever two independent one-to-many relationships are mixed in the same relation, a __________ arises.
  24. The common column is eliminated in
  25. The rule that a value of a foreign key must appear as a value of some specific table is called a
  26. The default level of consistency in SQL is
  27. The one guideline to be followed while designing the database is
  28. DBMS helps achieve
  29. In an ER model,_____ is described in the database by storing its data.
  30. A _____ is a logical unit of database processing that includes one or more data access operations that…