By default, on which page the header or the footer is printed?

A. on first page

B. on alternate page

C. on every page

D. none of the above

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  1. Short cut Ctrl + H is used to
  2. Press _____ to create a line break, which advances the insertion point to the beginning of the next…
  3. Which is not a font style ?
  4. A template stores:
  5. Which of the following option is not available in Insert >> Picture?
  6. Page Up Key uses for
  7. A feature of MS Word that saves the document automatically after certain interval is available on
  8. Which of the following is not the part of standard office suite?
  9. What is the smallest and largest font size available in Font Size tool on formatting toolbar?
  10. Background color on a document is not visible in ?
  11. Which of these toolbars allows changing of Fonts and their sizes?
  12. How can you make the selected character superscripted?
  13. Change the _____ to create a document in wide format
  14. How can you apply exactly the same formatting you did to another text?
  15. Which of the following is not available in Font Spacing?
  16. A character that is raised and smaller above the baseline is known as
  17. Which language does MS-Word use to create Macros?
  18. Which of the following is not of the merge process?
  19. The _____ is a short horizontal line indicating the conclusion of a document.
  20. What are inserted as cross-reference in Word?
  21. Which of the following is not essential component to perform a mail merge operation?
  22. Small squares, called _____, on the selection rectangle that surrounds a graphic can be used to change…
  23. The ability to combine name and addresses with a standard document is called _________
  24. It is possible to _______ a data source before performing a merge.
  25. What is the shortcut key to display field codes?
  26. What is the extenslon of files created in Ms-Word 97- 2003
  27. Which of the following cannot be done with document version?
  28. Uppercase on Change Case dialog box and All Caps on Fonts dialog box both converts selected text into…
  29. Shimmer, Sparkle text, Blinking Background et are known as
  30. The following tool bars display in the word application window by default