Calculate the flux density that will be produced by the field intensity of 2000 a. t/m for a permeability of 126 x 10^-6 T/A.t/m

A. 0.252 G

B. 0.252 x 10^-2 T

C. 0.252 T

D. 0.252 x 10^-2 G

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  1. What is the SI unit of magnetic flux?
  2. What is the maximum number of electrons that can be accommodated in the last orbit of an atom?
  3. The emf induced in a coil due to the changing current of another neighboring coil is called
  4. Electric potential is a _______ quantity.
  5. Theory of ferromagnetic phenomena which assumes each atom is a permanent magnet which can turn freely…
  6. If a 20 V potential is applied across a relay coil with 50 turns having 1 ? of resistancea the total…
  7. The ability of a material to conduct magnetic flux through it.
  8. The permeability of a material having a flux density of 5 Wb/m^2 is 10^-5 H/m. What is the value of…
  9. The electrons in the last orbit of an atom are called _______ electrons.
  10. The point in a magnet where the intensity of magnetic lines of force is maximum
  11. Which of the following is a natural magnet?
  12. How many neutrons does a copper atom have?
  13. The diameter of a hydrogen atom is approximately ______ cm.
  14. Refers to the non- metallic materials that have the ferromagnetic properties of iron.
  15. A 6- V battery is connected across a solenoid of 100 turns having a resistance of 2 ?a Calculate the…
  16. The relative permeability of a magnetic material is 10^5. What is its permeability?
  17. When the relative permeability of a material is slightly more than 1a it is called ______ material.
  18. Under ordinary conditionsa a body is considered
  19. The dielectric constant of most materials lies between
  20. What is the measure of the density and sign of the electric charge at a point relative to that at some…
  21. The magnetic field of a bar magnet most closely resembles the magnetic field of
  22. The force between two magnetic poles is _____ their poles strength.
  23. The phenomenon by which a magnetic substance becomes a magnet when it is place near a magnet
  24. A substance that attracts pieces iron
  25. Electric field intensity at a point due to a given charge ______ if the relative permittivity of the…
  26. A negative ion results when an atom gains an additional
  27. The conduction of electricity across the surface of a dielectric is called
  28. Electric lines of force leave or enter the charge surface at an angle of
  29. The reluctance of the magnetic circuit is ________ relative permeability of the material comprising…
  30. Lenz's law is the consequence of the law of conservation of