Cathode Ray Tube is a form of________

A. Keyboard

B. Mouse

C. Monitor

D. Mother board

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  1. Com in Latin is
  2. Which computer has been designed to be as compact as possible?
  3. ASCII and EBCDIC are the popular character coding systems. What does EBCDIC stand for?
  4. ENIAC uses
  5. Which of the following is the largest manufacturer of Hard Disk Drives?
  6. Reading data is performed in magnetic disk by
  7. Which of the following is not a primary storage device?
  8. Which of the following magazines covers only the IBM PC and its compatibles?
  9. Which one of the following input device is user- programmable?
  10. Serial access memories are useful in applications where
  11. Cursor is a
  12. The ALU of a computer normally contains a number of high speed storage element called
  13. Floppy disks typically in diameter
  14. Which operation is not performed by computer
  15. First page of Website is termed as-
  16. Daisy wheel printer is a type of
  17. Programs are executed on the basis of a priority number in a
  18. While inserting a diskette into the diskette drive of a PC, the diskette's label side should face
  19. Human beings are referred to as Homosapinens, which device is called Sillico Sapiens?
  20. The first general purpose electronic digital computer in the world was
  21. What type of memory is not directly addressable by the CPU and requires special softw3are called EMS…
  22. What is the first stage in software development?
  23. In most IBM PCs, the CPU, the device drives, memory expansion slots and active components are mounted…
  24. WAN is a most used abbreviation in Networking, what is its full form?
  25. What is the main difference between a mainframe and a super computer?
  26. The output quality of a printer is measured by
  27. A computer has very low failure rate because it uses electronic components. It produces very consistent…
  28. Which of the following devices can be sued to directly image printed text?
  29. Which device is used to backup the data?
  30. Which of the following is not a class of computers based on size?