Cobalt is an example of a ______ material.

A. Paramagnetic

B. Diamagnetic

C. Ferromagnetic

D. Non- magnetic

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  1. Electric lines of force leave or enter the charge surface at an angle of
  2. The physical motion resulting from the forces of magnetic fields is called
  3. The point in a magnet where the intensity of magnetic lines of force is maximum
  4. A magnetizing force of 1000 AT/m will produce a flux density of __________ i
  5. What is the maximum number of electrons that can be accommodated in the last orbit of an atom?
  6. One farad equals
  7. Electron is a Greek word for
  8. Magnetic field intensity is a ________ quantity.
  9. When a conductor is stationary and the magnetic field is moving or changing the emf induced is called
  10. What bond is formed when electrons in the outermost energy orbits of the atoms are shared between two…
  11. An alloy of 40 percent iron and 60 percent nickel.
  12. The permeability of a material having a flux density of 5 Wb/m^2 is 10^-5 H/m. What is the value of…
  13. What is another name for relative permittivity?
  14. The resistivity of a conductor ___________ with an increase in temperature.
  15. The air space between poles of magnets
  16. What determines the value of the temperature coefficient of resistance of a material?
  17. The B-H curve of ________ is not a straight line.
  18. The magnetic field around the conductor is determined by the
  19. When a wire loop is rotated in a magnetic field the direction of the induced emf changes one in every…
  20. If the distance between two magnetic poles decreases by 2 timesa the force between them
  21. Electric field intensity at a point is numerically equal to ________ at that point.
  22. Whenever a flux inking a coil or current changesa an emf is induced in it. This is known as
  23. The relative permeability of a magnetic material is 10^5. What is its permeability?
  24. As the magnetic intensity decreasesa the relative permeability of a magnetic material
  25. The reluctance of a magnetic circuit is not dependent on which of the following?
  26. One of the solid structures in which the position of the atoms or ions are predetermined
  27. Temporary magnets are commonly employed in
  28. The amount of magnetizing force to counter balance the resid magnetic material is referred to as
  29. A magnetic material losses its ferromagnetic properties at a point called
  30. The force between two magnetic poles varies with the distance between them. The variation is ______…