Connection, Statement are interfaces and ResultSet is a class.

A. True.

B. False.

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  1. Which of the following represent legal flow control statements?
  2. It is perfectly legal to assign a subclass object to a supper class reference.
  3. class.forName(...) creates an instance of java ODBC driver
  4. Servlet has ___________
  5. It is an error if a class with one or more abstract methods is not explicitly declared abstract.
  6. Which of the following methods can be used to change the size of a size() *resize()
  7. The default case is always required in the switch selection structure.
  8. It is an error to have a method with the same signature in both the super class and its subclass.
  9. One the features of is that an array can store many different types of values.
  10. Give file is a file object, which of the following are legal statements to create a new file.
  11. We can over load methods with differences only in their return type.
  12. Any method in a supper class can be over ridden in its subclass.
  13. Connection, Statement are interfaces and ResultSet is a class.
  14. When the string objects are compared with ==, the result is true If the strings contain the same values.
  15. JSP files creates ________________
  16. Which of the following string can be used as mode string for creating a RandomAccessFile object?
  17. The methods wait() and noify() are defined in
  18. A string object can not be modified after it is created.
  19. Which of the following statements are true?
  20. putValue(...) method takes _____________________-
  21. executeUpdate(------------) returns ___________
  22. A final class may not have any abstract method.
  23. What is wrong in the following class definitions? abstract class print { abstract show();} class…
  24. Which are the valid ways to create DataInputStream streams?
  25. What is error in the following class definitions? abstract class xy { abstract sum(int x, int y)…
  26. In evaluating a logical expression of type 'Boolean expression 1&& Boolean expression 2', both the Boolean…
  27. An EJB is a server-side component that encapsulates the business logic of an application
  28. DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:dsn_name") method does not depend on the class.forName(...) method.
  29. The setBackground() method is part of the class
  30. The check box group class is a subclass of the component class.