Ctrl + V is used to

A. Paste Texts in the beginning of Document

B. Paste Images in the beginning of Document

C. Paste Tables at the middle of Document

D. None of the above

You can do it
  1. You can replace the text ...
  2. A _____ is a collection of predefined design elements and color schemes.
  3. How can you apply exactly the same formatting you did to another text?
  4. Thesaurus tool in MS Word is used for...
  5. What is the smallest width of a column?
  6. Ctrl + PageDown is used to
  7. How can you break the current column?
  8. The word wrap feature .....
  9. Ctrl + Home is used to
  10. Short cut Ctrl + H is used to
  11. We can insert maximum number of columns in Ms Word are ...
  12. Ctrl + Down Arrow is used to
  13. Which of the following are valid Minimum and Maximum zoom sizes in Ms-office?
  14. Suppose you wanted to create an AutoCorrect entry that would type the words We regret to inform you…
  15. Short cut Ctrl + R is used to
  16. Which key is used to increase left indent?
  17. You wished to justify text over the height of paper, which option will you choose...
  18. What is the extenslon of files created in Ms-Word 97- 2003
  19. What are inserted as cross-reference in Word?
  20. How can you disable extended selection mode?
  21. AutoCorrect was originally designed to replace _________ words as you type.
  22. What is the shortcut-key for manual line break?
  23. Small squares, called _____, on the selection rectangle that surrounds a graphic can be used to change…
  24. How can you make the selected character superscripted?
  25. Which of the following helps to reduce spelling error in the document?
  26. Which of the following is not essential component to perform a mail merge operation?
  27. In Word, the mailing list is known as the ____________.
  28. The four types of mail merge main documents are ...
  29. To get to the 'Symbol' dialog box, click on the ______ menu and choose 'Symbol'.
  30. Which of the following commands should you always use before submitting a document to others?