Currency variable stores fixed point numbers with :

A. 2 decimal digits.

B. 3 decimal digits.

C. 4 decimal digits.

D. 6 decimal digits.

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  1. Now() function will return the current drive and directory you are working on as return value.
  2. The amount of text any one can place in text box is maximum 64 kb.
  3. To run an application you have to press :
  4. Time variable is used to store date and time in visual basic
  5. In a text box control the default caption for text box is text1.
  6. It is possible to declare 'Dynamic Array' in visual basic.
  7. _____________ property of any control cannot change at run time.
  8. In runtime it is not possible to change the form size.
  9. You can get a dropdown list and as well as can add some text directly to ____________ Control.
  10. In form load event, if the following code is written then guess what will be the output :Dim I as integer,…
  11. The title of the dialog box can be changed.
  12. It is possible to pass different number parameters to a function when call the function on different…
  13. Instr$(text1.text,"visual") will returns :
  14. A single function of visual basic takes:
  15. CommonDialog1.ShowOpenFilename1=CommonDialog1.FilenameThe above code will
  16. In visual basic, number of loop control structure is _____________.
  17. Data1.Recordset.FindFirst "State=NY"The above code will find the record in a given database
  18. which control structure are working under false condition
  19. When using do loop-while statement then the statements within the loop body will be executed only once…
  20. Visual Basic has ____________ number of editions
  21. It is possible to change the password character property of text box control at run time.
  22. Function Add(Num1 as integer, Num2 as integer) as integerAdd=Num1+Num2Num1=0Num2=0End functionThis body…
  23. Which property of list box control reports the number of selected items.
  24. Activate event is called before load event
  25. To get the property window in visual basic you have to press
  26. Sorted property of list box control is a design time property and cannot be changed in runtime.
  27. If the Flag constant for the font common dialog box is cdlCFPrinterFonts then it causes the dialog box…
  28. By default 'Dim myvar' this statement:
  29. ABS() function will generate a hole value when used with a number with fraction part (ex: 125.26598)
  30. Constants are processed faster than variables :