____________ developed to provide a loop-free method of exchanging routing information
between autonomous systems.

A. Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)

B. User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

C. Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

D. User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

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  1. Which of the following are not the standard representations defined by Telnet protocol?
  2. Which class of IP addressing was not brought in much use?
  3. Your network has gotten a single class C address but has 300 computers. How can you connect them to…
  4. Which of these is a feature of hubs?
  5. What is the code used for Interpret As Command (IAC)?
  6. A network's Internet connection uses a 128-Kbps Basic Rate Interface (BRI). What type of connection…
  7. Which directory service is used in Windows 2000 Server?
  8. TCP protocol is responsible for logical addressing and delivery of packets.
  9. Which of the following headers does a router look at to find how to route a data packet?
  10. What is the distance limitation of Cat5 UTP?
  11. Select the standard for token ring using token-passing media access.
  12. FDDI operates on 100 Mbps.
  13. ..combines characteristics of linear bus and star topologies.
  14. ARP is defined in RFC _____ and it is a current internet standard, ________
  15. TCP protocol is responsible for connection-oriented communication
  16. Which of the following IEEE specifications uses CSMA/CD?
  17. You're asked to install a Citrix MetaFrame XP server. What protocol will clients use to connect and…
  18. If the organization allocates 10 bits as subnet number, to identify a physical network, then the organization…
  19. Which of the following is the port used by SMTP?
  20. Which of the following application uses 1.5 Mbps bandwidth?
  21. _________ is a type of domain name queries.
  22. You're asked to install a Citrix MetaFrame XP server. What protocol will clients use to connect and…
  23. Select the class C IP address from the following:
  24. Which of the following protocols use a topology table to install routes into the IP routing table?
  25. DSL stands for ------------------------
  26. How many number of host/machine can be attached to a network using a class B address?
  27. You have a network card with the connector in question 43, and it also has a 9 pin female connector.…
  28. The generic domain name for air transport industry is ________.
  29. ________acts as source and destination for IP traffic.
  30. Which of the following IP addresses are used by multicast devices?