Extrude is a feature that allows you to give objects a three-dimensional (3D) look by creating the illusion of depth.

A. True

B. False

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  1. Unit of measurements in CorelDRAW can be in Kilometers
  2. We can rotate guides in CorelDRAW.
  3. We can insert pages in CorelDRAW
  4. We cannot edit an object even after placing it within a container.
  5. We cannot import. TIFF file in CorelDraw
  6. The maximum constrain angle is 900 in CorelDraw.
  7. We can see the skeleton in Wireframe mode.
  8. In CorelDraw Clone is a copy of an object or an area of an image that is linked to the original object.
  9. We can export .psd files from CorelDraw.
  10. We cannot Blend objects into Path.
  11. The Graph Paper tool lets you draw a grid pattern. This pattern is formed by a series of grouped rectangles…
  12. The shortcut key of Graphic and Text Style is Ctrl+F5.
  13. We cannot export JPG files from CorelDraw.
  14. 7. In CorelDraw Shortcut key for Zoom out is _________.
  15. A feature that allows you to place objects (called contents objects) inside other objects (called container…
  16. The shortcut key of Ungroup is Ctrl+U.
  17. The shortcut key of Align and Distribute is Ctrl+A in CorelDraw.
  18. CorelDRAW is a product of Adobe.
  19. We cannot set Zero loc in CorelDraw
  20. Miles can be a Measurement Unit of CorelDraw
  21. To reshape an object by removing the area that is overlapped by another object, is called Weld.
  22. We cannot work with Layer in CorelDraw
  23. The default Drawing Units in CorelDraw is Inches.
  24. We can blend an object along a path.
  25. The shortcut key to open Skew dialog box.
  26. We can crop bitmap images in CorelDraw
  27. We cannot export WMF files from CorelDraw.
  28. We can create customized menu bar in CorelDraw.
  29. The Freehand tool lets you draw smooth, precise curves node by node. When you use the Bezier tool, each…
  30. Envelope option is not available in case of Paragraph text in CorelDraw.