File extension used for ASP.NET files.

A. .Web



D. None of the above

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  1. Anything appearing after ________ is cleared
  2. Default event handler for Link Label is
  3. .FileInfo gives information about any file and .File gives information about a particular file
  4. What class does the ASP.NET Web Form class inherit from by default?
  5. The first event triggers in an aspx page is.
  6. You want to ensure that the user ID is saved between requests when the user is moving through pages.…
  7. ASP.NET if fully compatible with ASP
  8. CDONTS is designed on for Windows NT Server
  9. To redirect an user to a particular page when a user logs in use
  10. _________ object represents all information sent form a browser to a server
  11. Radio Button's have same name and different values while Checkboxes have the reverse
  12. We can write an XML document from ASP.NET without mentioning the encoding format ie even without specifying…
  13. __________.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") creates a new connection.
  14. Default Session data is stored in ASP.Net.
  15. Under Button Click the following code is written1. Dim I =102. MsgBox(I)
  16. You can specify a function name in
  17. File extension used for ASP.NET files.
  18. If passwords are to be sent from one page to another, we can use
  19. A web server control is written as
  20. To count the number of times an user visited a page, use
  21. In a DataSet if multible tables are used, they are identified by their
  22. While accessing values submitted to a web form, __________ property of a control is used.
  23. What is the default data type of a variable in ASP.NET?
  24. ___________ controls how proxy servers temporarily store web pages
  25. To make an HTML control behave as a Server control, ___________ option must be set.
  26. One difference between ASP.NET and ASP is that ASP is more structure than ASP.NET
  27. In case of a CompareValidator, a TextBox's value can be compared to an expression
  28. ASP.NET supports all data types that VB.NET supports
  29. In ___________ records are locked when you start editing.
  30. Which of the following object is not an ASP component?