Flux linkages equals

A. Flux times area of core

B. Flux times number of turns times area of core

C. Flux times number of turns times length of core

D. Flux times number of turns

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  1. Small voltages generated by a conductor with current in an external magnetic field.
  2. One farad equals
  3. An alloy of 40 percent iron and 60 percent nickel.
  4. Two similar polesa each 1Wba placed 1 m apart in air will experience a repulsive force of
  5. Hysteresis loss can be reduced by one of the following.
  6. What is the practical unit of electrical energy?
  7. The electric flux density is a ________ quantity.
  8. Materials whose permeabilities are slightly greater than that of free space
  9. Magnetic field intensity is a ________ quantity.
  10. The flux density in an air-cored coil is 10^-3 Wb/m^2. With a cast iron core of relative permeability…
  11. What is the SI unit of conductance?
  12. If two similar charges 1 coulomb each are placed 1 m apart in aira then the force of repulsion is
  13. A commercial alloy of aluminum nickela and iron with cobalta copper and titanium added to produce about…
  14. Theory of ferromagnetic phenomena which assumes each atom is a permanent magnet which can turn freely…
  15. The temperature coefficient of resistance of semiconductors is
  16. The force between two magnetic poles is _____ the relative permeability of the medium.
  17. When the ferromagnetic substance is inserted in a current- carrying solenoida the magnetic field is
  18. A permanent magnet does not exert a force on
  19. The emf induced in a coil due to the changing current of another neighboring coil is called
  20. The total number of magnetic lines of force in a magnetic field is called
  21. The permeability of a material having a flux density of 5 Wb/m^2 is 10^-5 H/m. What is the value of…
  22. What is the relative permittivity of air?
  23. If the distance between two magnetic poles decreases by 2 timesa the force between them
  24. Electromotive force in a circuit
  25. Who discovereda the relationship between magnetism and electricity that serves as the foundation for…
  26. Lenz' law states that the direction of the induced emf and hence current
  27. At/m is a unit of
  28. The magnetic materials should have a large hysteresis loss for one of the following applications.
  29. A law stating that the magnetic susceptibilities of most paramagnetic substances are inversely proportional…
  30. What is the SI unit of magnetic flux?