For printing purpose, the resolution should be

A. 72 ppi

B. Minimum 300 ppi

C. 72 - 100 ppi

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  1. We can change width or height or resolution of an image respective of other two at a time by
  2. We can change the color balance of an image with the help of another layer without distorting the actual…
  3. Blurs edges by building a transition boundary between the selection and its surrounding pixels is known…
  4. How many Color Modes are there in Photoshop?
  5. Is Overlay a Layer Blending Mode in Photoshop?
  6. In Photoshop, we can leave information for another by recording it
  7. We cal delete any channel from channel option
  8. How many type of Marquee Tool are there in Photoshop?
  9. To get Auto contrast option in Photoshop, we have to select
  10. The keyboard shortcut for open Color balance is Ctrl+B
  11. We can see the exact print size of an image from ___________ option from __________ menu.
  12. __________________ option give us the information of color etc. of an image.
  13. GIF does not support background transparency.
  14. We can swap between the Lasso tools by
  15. The size of the canvas can be increased in any direction by selecting
  16. How many types of Gradient are there in Photoshop?
  17. To get Desaturate option in Photoshop, we have to go to
  18. How many selection tools are there in Photoshop?
  19. Photoshop is an Image editing software.
  20. To get Auto contrast option in Photoshop
  21. The keyboard shortcut of Brush option is
  22. We can record any action in the canvas
  23. In a Bitmap mode image, the shades are adjusted by changing the quantity of __________ and __________…
  24. By default how many channel Indexed color images are there?
  25. How many Color Modes are there in Photoshop?
  26. Luminance means brightness of color.
  27. ________________ means purity of color
  28. Which one is the range of colors that a color system can display or print?
  29. The smallest part of a displayed bitmapped image is
  30. Which one lets you isolate and protect areas of an image as you apply color changes, filters or other…