Hair of bat and feathers of pigeon are

A. homologous structures

B. analogous structures

C. both (a) and (b

D. integumentary derivatives

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  1. Which one is characteristic for birds ?
  2. Spider is not included under class insects because of
  3. Lobsters and crabs belong to the class
  4. A spider belongs to class
  5. Members of which phylum exhibit adaptations widely varied environmental conditions ?
  6. Branchiostonta is an example of
  7. Sea horse is a
  8. Which one of the following is found in chordates but not in non-chordates
  9. Metamerism is a characteristic feature of
  10. Canal system is characteristic of
  11. A cuttle fish belongs to
  12. Egg laying mammals are found in
  13. Which of the following groups of characters is present in all chordates in some or other stage in their…
  14. Tortoises and turtles are included under order
  15. Which of the protozoan is considered as connecting link between animals and plants ?
  16. In fishes, lobed fins are found in
  17. Snakes are not found in
  18. The generic name of peacock is
  19. Limulus, the king-crab, is the only living representative of the order xiphosura belonging to the phylum
  20. Natural system of classification has the basis of
  21. The term "Monera" stands for
  22. Correct statement is :
  23. Antedon belongs to class
  24. All animals which do not have the vertebral column are
  25. Which of the following is not an enterocoelic phylum ?
  26. Presence of a vestigeal appendix in man suggests that our forebears were
  27. Birds and bats are good fliers. The bat differs from a bird in having
  28. In flat worms, annelids, mollusca and arthropods the mouth develops from blastopore, such animals should…
  29. Chief distinguishing features of mammals are
  30. Bony plates are found in addition to scales in