How can you break the current column?

A. Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter

B. Press Alt + Enter

C. Press Ctrl + Enter

D. Press Alt + Shift + Enter

You can do it
  1. What do you mean by vertical separation between columns?
  2. By default, on which page the header or the footer is printed?
  3. Which of the following do you use to change margins?
  4. How can you disable extended selection mode?
  5. Which operation you will perform if you need to move a block of text?
  6. Which key is used to select all the text in the document?
  7. Which of the following are valid Minimum and Maximum zoom sizes in Ms-office?
  8. To undo the last work, press ..
  9. Selecting text means, selecting?
  10. What is the Short cut key for line break?
  11. Which of the following are word processing software?
  12. The _____, or typeface, defines the appearance and shape of letters, numbers, and special characters.
  13. Why Drop Caps are used in document?
  14. What is the shortcut-key for manual line break?
  15. Short cut Ctrl + R is used to
  16. A word processor would most likely be used to do
  17. The following tool bars display in the word application window by default
  18. Home Key uses for
  19. To Redo the last work, press ..
  20. What is the default left margin in Word 2003 document?
  21. Text boundary can be displayed or hidden from
  22. The minimum number of rows and columns in MS Word document is
  23. What is the default font used in MS Word document?
  24. What is the smallest and largest font size available in Font Size tool on formatting toolbar?
  25. In Word, the default alignment for paragraphs is _____.
  26. Portrait and Landscape are
  27. What is the shortcut key to display field codes?
  28. Ctrl + Down Arrow is used to
  29. In MS Word, Ctrl + W is used for
  30. Columns dialog box can be opened from...