How many characters can be typed in a single cell in Excel?

A. 256

B. 1024

C. 32000

D. 65535

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  1. To save a workbook, you:
  2. Which of the following is not information you can specify using the solver?
  3. Status indicators are located on the
  4. You can use the format painter multiple times before you turn it off by
  5. How do you insert a row?
  6. Which of the following action removes a sheet from workbook?
  7. You can convert existing excel worksheet data an charts to an HTML document by using
  8. When the formula bar is active, you can see
  9. You can move a sheet from one workbook into new book by
  10. You want to set such that when you type Baishakh and drag the fill handle, Excel should produce Jestha,…
  11. The autofill feature
  12. Tab scroll buttons are place on Excel screen
  13. Comments can be added to cells using ......
  14. The Name box on to the left of formula bar
  15. How do you display current date and time in MS Excel?
  16. Which of the following methods can not be used to edit the contents of a cell?
  17. You want to track the progress of the stock market on a daily basis. Which type of chart should you…
  18. How can you remove borders applied in cells?ACC
  19. How many worksheets can a workbook have?
  20. You can use drag-and-drop to embed excel worksheet data in a word document
  21. Which is used to perform what if analysis?
  22. To activate the previous cell in a pre-selected range, press
  23. Which elements of a worksheet can be protected from accidental modification?
  24. Which function is not available in the Consolidate dialog box?
  25. When a label is too long to fit within a worksheet cell, you typically must
  26. Which Chart can be created in Excel?
  27. To return the remainder after a number is divided by a divisor in EXCEL we use the function?
  28. The name box
  29. Which of the following is not a basic step in creating a worksheet?
  30. What is the short cut key to highlight the entire column?