How many degrees of phase represents one full cycle?



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  1. At parallel resonancea the currents flowing through L and C are
  2. In liquids and gasesa ionization current results from a flow of
  3. Which of the following capacitors is suitable for dc filter circuits?
  4. The voltage lags the current by cycle in a
  5. Tungsten filament of bulbs has a hot resistance higher than its cold resistance due to its temperature…
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    Nortons theorem is what form of an ac equivalent circuit?
  7. The result of rust in electrical (wire) connection is
  8. The voltage cannot be exactly in phase with the current in a circuit that contains
  9. An alloy composed of 84 % coppera 12 % manganese and 4 % nickel.
  10. Metal tin becomes superconductor at approximately
  11. The arc across a switch when it open an RL circuit is a result of the
  12. In a rectangular wavea the form factor is
  13. An inductive circuit of resistance 16.5 and inductance of 0.14 H takes a current of 25 ?. if the frequency…
  14. Which of the following describes the action of a capacitor?
  15. What is the complex impedance of a circuit with an absolute resistance of 300 ?
  16. Two complex numbers or phasors are said to be conjugate if they
  17. For multi-plate capacitora capacitance is proportional to
  18. According to Gauss theorema flux can be equated to
  19. Which of the following is not a factor affecting dielectric strength?
  20. The Q-factor of a parallel resonant circuit is also known as
  21. When two unequal values of resistors are connected in parallel across a dc sourcea greater current flows…
  22. What maximum voltage can be applied across the capacitor of time?
  23. Which of the following does not affect resistance?
  24. The charging of a capacitor through a resistance follows what law?
  25. Which factor does not affect resistance?
  26. Which of the following has negative temperature coefficient?
  27. Barium-strontium titanite dielectric material is also called
  28. When current and voltage arte in phase in an ac circuita the ___ is equal to zero.
  29. Which of the following has a positive temperature coefficient?
  30. Under the conditions of maximum power transfera a voltage source is delivering a power of 15 W to the…