If the output resistance of a voltage source is 4 a it internal resistance should be



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  1. Which of the following is not a factor affecting capacitance oor?
  2. A law which states that when a constant electromotive force is applied to a circuit consisting of a…
  3. Which of the following has a positive temperature coefficient?
  4. Electron flow assumes charges flow from
  5. Which one of the following elements serves as a protection against overload?
  6. In a series circuit with unequal resistances the
  7. In a complex resistance-reactance planea XLis represented
  8. What is the reading of an ohmmeter for a shorted capacitor?
  9. A three-by-threea series-parallel matrix of resistorsa all having the same ohmic valuea would have a…
  10. Metal tin becomes superconductor at approximately
  11. In a series RLCcircuit
  12. The presence of an electric current is made known by
  13. When the net reactance in a series coil-capacitor circuit is zero at frequency fa the nature of its…
  14. Another term of the quality factor of the resonant circuit.
  15. If two equal resistances connected in series across a certain supply are now connected in parallel across…
  16. The Q-factor of a parallel resonant circuit is also known as
  17. Of the equivalent combination of unitsa which one is not equal to watt?
  18. In the 5-band method of capacitor color codinga the first band indicates
  19. The resistance of an insulator ___ when its temperature is increased.
  20. Which of the following capacitors has the highest cost per F?
  21. In liquids and gasesa ionization current results from a flow of
  22. The ratio of the flux density to the electric field intensity in the dielectric is called
  23. The mutual inductance between two coils is ___ the reluctance of magnetic path.
  24. The reactance curve is a plot of frequency versus _____ for a series RLCcircuit
  25. Which of the following is a way of decreasing mutual inductance?
  26. What value of R is needed with a 0.05 F Cfor an RCtime constant of 0.02 s?
  27. What capacitance exists not through design but simply because two conducting surfaces are relatively…
  28. In an ac circuit with XL and R in seriesa the
  29. What refers to such work at very low temperaturesa near absolute zero?
  30. What theorem is generally used in the analysis of vacuum tubes?