If the output resistance of a voltage source is 4 a it internal resistance should be



D. Infinite

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  1. Another term for superconductor.
  2. A switch designed to have low capacitance between its terminal when open.
  3. For a series ACcircuita ___ is not used as a reference phasor.
  4. A capacitor is basically constructed of
  5. A capacitor of 0.5 F charged to 220 V is connected across an uncharged 0.5 F capacitor. What is the…
  6. What capacitance exists not through design but simply because two conducting surfaces are relatively…
  7. For a triangular and sawtooth waveform the rms voltage or current equals
  8. The internal resistance of an ideal voltage source is
  9. At parallel resonancea the currents flowing through L and C are
  10. Refers specifically to steady state values of quantities in ac circuits which are complex numbers.
  11. In a complex number 5 + j 10a 10 is called ___ part.
  12. Two capacitors of capacitance 9 F and 18 F in series will have a total capacitance of
  13. A 0.09 microfarad capacitor is charged to 220 volts. How long in milliseconds will it discharged resistor…
  14. Which waveform in which the rms value and the mean value are equal?
  15. Which of the statements below is not true?
  16. Which component opposes voltage change?
  17. The reason why electrical appliances are not connected in series.
  18. If two equal resistances connected in series across a certain supply are now connected in parallel across…
  19. Why are inductance and capacitance not relevant in a dc circuit?
  20. What is a rotating vector whose projection can represent either current or voltage in an ac circuit?
  21. Resistor with colored bands in the body
  22. What is the cross-sectional are of a conductor whose diameter is 0.001 inch?
  23. Which of the following is not a factor affecting dielectric strength?
  24. What is the reading of an ohmmeter for a shorted capacitor?
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    A series RLCcircuit consists of a 10 resistor in series with L = 10 Ha and C= 100 F. Determine a new value of Ia for which the resonant frequency is one half the original value.
  26. In adding or subtracting phasor quantitiesa ___ form is the most convenient.
  27. The result of rust in electrical (wire) connection is
  28. Points to be considered in choosing a capacitor
  29. For greater accuracya the value of phase angle should be determined from
  30. In an RL series circuita