In a circuita a passive element is one which

A. Supplies energy

B. Receives energy

C. Both supplies and receives energy

D. Attenuates signal

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  1. Series resonance occurs when
  2. Leakage resistance in a capacitor results into
  3. The average value of a triangular or sawtooth wave is _____ times its peak value.
  4. The open-circuit voltage at the terminal of load RL is 60V. Under the condition of maximum power transfera…
  5. Which of the following is not considered a physical factor affecting resistance?
  6. The maximum power transfer theorem is used in
  7. Tungsten filament of bulbs has a hot resistance higher than its cold resistance due to its temperature…
  8. If three 9 mH inductors are connected in parallel without mutual inductance then the total i nductance…
  9. The electric field strength between capacitor plates has a unit
  10. What is the cross-sectional are of a conductor whose diameter is 0.001 inch?
  11. When resistance are connected in parallela the total resistance is
  12. Which of the following is the most popular waveform?
  13. The usual load of a dc circuit is a/an
  14. In a resonant circuita if Q ? 10 resonant frequency _______ bandwidth.
  15. The temperature coefficient of resistance of electrolytes is
  16. Which of the following represents the energy stored in a cap
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    Nortons theorem is what form of an ac equivalent circuit?
  18. When the net reactance in a series coil-capacitor circuit is zero at frequency fa the nature of its…
  19. In an ac circuit with a resistive branch and an inductive branch in parallela the
  20. What value of R is needed with a 0.05 F Cfor an RCtime constant of 0.02 s?
  21. An electric circuit contains
  22. When the movable plates of a gang capacitor completely overlap the fixed platesa the capacitance of…
  23. The value of temperature coefficient ( ) is dependent upon
  24. What is the form factor of a triangular wave?
  25. A linear circuit is one whose parameters
  26. Which of the following elements is active?
  27. Which component opposes voltage change?
  28. A law which states that when a constant electromotive force is applied to a circuit consisting of a…
  29. What increases the resistance of wire at high frequencies?
  30. The rms value of a triangular or sawtooth waveform is ___ tim value.