In CorelDraw Clone is a copy of an object or an area of an image that is linked to the original object.

A. True

B. False

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  1. We can see the skeleton in Wireframe mode.
  2. Simple Wareframe option is under _________ Menu in CorelDRAW.
  3. In CorelDraw The Shape tool has no effect for the Grouped object.
  4. The default Drawing Units in CorelDraw is Inches.
  5. The shortcut key of Group is
  6. CorelDRAW is a product of Adobe.
  7. A feature that allows you to place objects (called contents objects) inside other objects (called container…
  8. Cloning in CorelDRAW is same as duplicating.
  9. Bezier Tool lets you draw by dragging the mouse cursor across the page like a pencil on paper. This…
  10. Unit of measurements in CorelDRAW can be in Kilometers
  11. The shortcut key of Graphic and Text Style is Ctrl+F5.
  12. We can insert pages in CorelDRAW
  13. Intersection is a feature that lets you create a new object from the areawhere two or more objects overlap…
  14. Envelope option is not available in case of Paragraph text in CorelDraw.
  15. We get Envelope Rollup to press Ctrl + F8.
  16. We can rotate guides in CorelDRAW.
  17. Extrude is a feature that allows you to give objects a three-dimensional (3D) look by creating the illusion…
  18. We cannot import .bmp file in CorelDraw
  19. The Freehand tool lets you draw smooth, precise curves node by node. When you use the Bezier tool, each…
  20. The default Paper Type/Size in CorelDraw is ___________.
  21. Shortcut key for Option dialog box is Ctrl + J.
  22. In PageMaker the minimum target output resolution that we can set is_____
  23. We can blend an object along a path.
  24. The shortcut key of Export command in CorelDraw is
  25. The shortcut key to open Skew dialog box.
  26. We cannot import. TIFF file in CorelDraw
  27. In CorelDraw we can preview selected object.
  28. We cannot export JPG files from CorelDraw.
  29. The shortcut key to open Size dialog box.
  30. Vector graphics Images are stored as algebraic equations defining the various lines and curves of the…