In EXCEL, you can sum a large range of data by simply selecting a tool button called .....?

A. AutoFill

B. Auto correct

C. Auto sum

D. Auto format

You can do it
  1. Which setting you must modify to print a worksheet using letterhead?
  2. Text formulas:
  3. What is the short cut key to replace a data with another in sheet?
  4. The first cell in EXCEL worksheet is labeled as
  5. The Chart wizard term data categories refers to;
  6. You can merge the main document with data source in Excel. In mail merge operation, Word is usually
  7. How do you insert a row?
  8. How can you update the values of formula cells if Auto Calculate mode of Excel is disabled?
  9. Multiple calculations can be made in a single formula using .......
  10. You can enter which types of data into worksheet cells?
  11. The active cell:
  12. Hyperlinks can be
  13. How do you rearrange the data in ascending or descending order?
  14. Which menu option can be used to split windows into two?
  15. A circular reference is
  16. Which of the cell pointer indicates you that you can make selection?
  17. Comments put in cells are called
  18. Which key do you press to check spelling?
  19. You want to set such that when you type Baishakh and drag the fill handle, Excel should produce Jestha,…
  20. The auto calculate feature
  21. To activate the previous cell in a pre-selected range, press
  22. Excel displays the current cell address in the ........
  23. Which area in an excel window allows entering values and formulas
  24. Which of the following is not a worksheet design criterion?
  25. Which elements of worksheet can be protected from accidental modification
  26. While Finding and Replacing some data in Excel, which of the following statement is valid?
  27. When you link data maintained in an excel workbook to a word document
  28. You can check the conditions against __________ when applying conditional formatting
  29. Comments can be added to cells using
  30. Which of the following is not a basic step in creating a worksheet?