In Tally, while creating a company we can select a

A. State

B. Country

C. Both of the above

D. None of the above

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  1. _______ is an advanced security system, which allows for encryption of the company data.
  2. What is the shortcut key to select a company?
  3. We can view the Interest Calculation report from
  4. It is possible to search voucher in Tally
  5. Units of measurement is used for calculation of stock
  6. To pass the TDS transaction in the journal entry mode, we have to press
  7. _________ feature helps the administrator to track changes in the accounts.
  8. To select configuration screen we should press
  9. Allocation against bill are done automatically
  10. There is no "Help" option in Tally 7.2
  11. ______ key is used to print a report
  12. For data restoration company creation is compulsory.
  13. In order to delete a voucher, press
  14. We can view the Interest Calculation report from
  15. Which is not the default group in Tally?
  16. In Tally, what is the shortcut key to change the date of a transaction?
  17. Tally has been developed using
  18. Tally programme files are stored in
  19. In Tally, while creating a company we can select a
  20. The location of saving data of company can be altered by changing the
  21. _______ godown facility is available in Tally
  22. F11 is used for changing current configuration
  23. Through _________ option, we can modify the ledger.
  24. We can create ________ level(s) of cost centres.
  25. To create a Group Company, we have to always open at least 3 companies.
  26. The number of predefined ledger(s) in Tally is/are
  27. The maximum number of decimal places, that can be activated is
  28. To pass the sales Order, we have to press
  29. Stock category and stock group are same
  30. Tally is developed by