In title classification of animals a 'family' name is formed by adding

A. idae as a suffix to the name of the type genus

B. inae as a suffix

C. ceae as a suffix

D. oidea as a suffix

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  1. Platyhelminthes are called
  2. Biramous appendages are typically found in
  3. Brain coral is
  4. One of the following is considered as a living and connecting link between Annelida and Arthropoda:
  5. Only poisonous lizard of the world is
  6. Egg laying mammals are found in
  7. National mammal of India is
  8. Which of the following is a species ?
  9. Duck bill platypus is
  10. Typhlop is a
  11. Which of the protozoan is considered as connecting link between animals and plants ?
  12. Bilateral symmetry, metameric segmentation, coelom and open circulatory system are characters of
  13. A suctorial mouth is present in
  14. A definite number of body segments is found in
  15. For finding a haemocoel which animal you will select ?
  16. The respiratory organs of crustaceans are
  17. Whale, monkey and bat have seven cervical vertebrae. Which one has the same number of cervical vertebrae…
  18. Pheretivia is placed in class
  19. Monotremata is a group of animals which includes
  20. Which of the following is not a deuteros-tome phylum ?
  21. A triploblastic animal in which I mesenchyme fills the space between ectoderm and endoderm is
  22. Diploblastic acoelomate condition is found in
  23. Octopus belongs to class
  24. Which is matching set in taxonomy ?
  25. The order insectivora of class mammalia includes
  26. Which of the following is represented by the largest number of species ?
  27. True fishes possess gills and fins. Which of the following is not a true fish ?
  28. According to Aristotle's classification, animals were divided into
  29. A true terestrial animal among these is
  30. The most highly advanced character in reptilia is the presence of