Inductive reactance applies only to sine waves because it

A. Increases with lower frequencies

B. Increases with lower inductance

C. Depends on the factor 2

D. Decreases with higher frequencies

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  1. In a multiple capacitora the plate area is
  2. The hot resistance of an incandescent lamp is about ___ times its cold resistance.
  3. A trigger circuit consisting of a capacitor of 0.01 F is connected in series with a resistor. If the…
  4. A circuit whose parameters change with voltage or current.
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    An impedance given by 90 -45 is a/an ___ impedance.
  6. If one resistance in a series connection is opena then
  7. If a multiplate capacitor has 10 platesa each of area 10 cm2a then
  8. Rationalizing the denominator of a complex number means
  9. What theorem is generally used in the analysis of vacuum tubes?
  10. When the movable plates of a gang capacitor completely overlap the fixed platesa the capacitance of…
  11. What increases the resistance of wire at high frequencies?
  12. Delta to wye or wye to delta transformation technique is applied to a ___ network.
  13. The reason why alternating current can induce voltage is
  14. If three 100-pF capacitors are connected in seriesa then the total capacitance is
  15. A series-parallel combination of identical resistors will
  16. In calculating maximum instantaneous power ___ voltage or current is used.
  17. A switch designed to have low capacitance between its terminal when open.
  18. In a series RLCcircuit
  19. Which of the following represents the energy stored in a cap
  20. What is the reciprocal of capacitance?
  21. The internal resistance of an ideal voltage source is
  22. Which of the following capacitors are used only in dc circuits?
  23. Loop currents should be assumed to flow in which direction
  24. A capacitor opposes change in
  25. Which of the following materials has the lowest dielectric strength?
  26. If a capacitor is rated for 200V dca what is its effective ac working voltage?
  27. The resistance of an insulator ___ when its temperature is increased.
  28. The admittance of a parallel RLC circuit is found to be the ___ sum of conductance and susceptances.
  29. Which of the following has a positive temperature coefficient?
  30. What is the specific resistance of a pure germanium?