It is possible to change the shortcut key assigned to any menu for accessing within the menu editor.

A. True

B. False

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  1. which control structure are working under false condition
  2. In a programme body :Private sub form_load()X=inputbox("First No. :")Y=inputbox("Second No. :")Z=val(X)…
  3. In visual basic you can draw something in
  4. Flag property is used to adjust the function of each common dialog box
  5. Say there is a string "Ramcharan"; when someone using Mid() function like MID("Ramcharan",2) then what…
  6. In a text box control the default caption for text box is text1.
  7. To get the property window in visual basic you have to press :
  8. If the Flag constant for the font common dialog box is cdlCFPrinterFonts then it causes the dialog box…
  9. which should be included when an application is used without any forms
  10. In case of visual basic, IDE means :
  11. The default startup object can not be changed in a project
  12. A single function of visual basic takes:
  13. Which property of list box control reports the number of selected items.
  14. Suppose there are two forms; form1 and form2 ; if there are codes like : In form1.active event Form2.showAnd…
  15. You can get the ASCII value of any character or number by using
  16. Instr$(text1.text,"visual") will returns :
  17. What is the default value for multi-select property of list box control.
  18. The fundamental property of RichTextBox control is
  19. In form load event, if the following code is written then guess what will be the output :Dim I as integer,…
  20. The amount of text any one can place in text box is maximum 64 kb.
  21. To run an application you have to press :
  22. It is possible to change the shortcut key assigned to any menu for accessing within the menu editor.
  23. RichTextBox1.BulletIndent=5 ; what will be the effect of this code if used in any program
  24. CommonDialogs control is visible at runtime
  25. To break a loop abnormally when satisfying a condition, we can use
  26. Visual Basic produce:
  27. In database application, any field does not contain any values can be recognized by:
  28. Data1.Recordset.FindFirst "State=NY"The above code will find the record in a given database
  29. To enable apply button in dialog box ; flag value should be set to
  30. Terminate is a valid event in form operation