Microsoft PowerPoint is a

A. Database program

B. Spreadsheet program

C. Presentation program

D. Word processing program

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  1. What is maximum Zoom percentage in Microsoft PowerPoint ?
  2. If you want to insert some slides from other presentation into current one choose
  3. The arrangement of elements such as Title and Subtitle text, pictures, tables etis called
  4. Which type of fonts are best suite for titles and headlines ?
  5. To edit the text within the boxes of an organization chart, you
  6. Which of the following pane is not available in Task Pane?
  7. Which of the following tool enables you to add text to a slide without using the standard placeholders?
  8. Which of the following toolbars provides different options in various master views?
  9. Material consisting of text and numbers is best presented as
  10. To open the existing presentation, press
  11. In which menu can you find features like Slide Design, Slide Layout et?
  12. We can replace a font on all sides with another font using the...... option
  13. Which option on the custom animation task pane allows you to apply a preset or custom motion path?
  14. How do you print your slides in a handout that includes lines for notes?
  15. An organization has a president, vice president, managers and supervisors. On what level of an organization…
  16. Which of the following format options should be used to display dollars on an axis?
  17. Any and every command can be found on the
  18. You were giving your presentation, and you need to click a slide thats few slides back. How do you get…
  19. Ellipse Motion is a predefined ......
  20. What is the best way to create another copy of a slide?
  21. Which of the following provides a printed copy of your presentation?
  22. How to select one hyperlink after another during a slide presentation ?
  23. The auto shapes tool provides you with
  24. Animation schemes can be applied to...... in the presentation
  25. Which of the following should you use if you want all the slides in the presentation to have the same…
  26. Which of the following features should you use when typing in the notes text box?
  27. The spelling dialog box can be involved by choosing spelling from ____ menu.
  28. Which of the following best describes serifs?
  29. Which command brings you to the first slide in your presentation?
  30. Which PowerPoint view works best for adding slide transitions ?