Paramagnetic substance has a relative permeability of

A. Slightly less than one

B. Equal to one

C. Slightly equal to one

D. Very much greater than one

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  1. Who discovered superconductivity in 1911?
  2. Electric potential is a _______ quantity.
  3. Which of the following electric quantities is vector in character?
  4. This paper does not exhibit electricity because it contains the same number of
  5. What is the SI unit of magnetic flux?
  6. The electric field intensity between the parallel plate air capacitor is 20 N/C. If an insulating slab…
  7. What revolves about the positive nucleus in a definite orbit?
  8. If a magnetic flux cuts across 200 turns at a rate of 2Wb/sa the induced voltage according to Faraday's…
  9. Ohm's law cannot be applied to which material?
  10. Which of the following is a vector quantity?
  11. The magnetic field of a bar magnet most closely resembles the magnetic field of
  12. The K shell or the first shell has how many permissible number of orbiting electrons?
  13. Calculate the flux density that will be produced by the field intensity of 2000 a. t/m for a permeability…
  14. The magnetic energy stored in an inductor is ______ current.
  15. Lenz's law is the consequence of the law of conservation of
  16. Who developed the electromagnetic theory of light in 1862?
  17. How many electrons are needed in the valence orbit to give a material's stability?
  18. Whenever a conductor cuts magnetic fluxa an emf is induced in it. This is known as
  19. How much is the flux in Weber in the above problem?
  20. ______ is an electromagnet with its core in the form of a close magnetic ring.
  21. The temperature coefficient of resistance of insulators is
  22. Hipernik is an alloy containing __________ iron and __________ nickel.
  23. The reluctance of the magnetic circuit is ________ relative permeability of the material comprising…
  24. A current if flowing east along a power line. If the earth's field is neglecteda the direction of the…
  25. The B-H curve for ________ is a straight line passing through the origin.
  26. When a wire loop is rotated in a magnetic field the direction of the induced emf changes one in every…
  27. Electric field intensity is a ________.
  28. The permeability of permalloy is
  29. The greater percentage of materials is _________.
  30. One coulomb of charge consists of ________ electrons.