Referred to as the specific reluctance of a material

A. Resistivity

B. Reluctivity

C. Conductivity

D. Permeability

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  1. The K shell or the first shell has how many permissible number of orbiting electrons?
  2. An atom or a group of atoms that carries a net electric charge.
  3. The electric flux density is a ________ quantity.
  4. Germanium atom has ______ protons and ______ electrons.
  5. What is the other name for dielectric strength?
  6. Defined as the ratio of the volume occupied by the atoms or ions in a unit cell divided by the volume…
  7. The relation between absolute permittivity of air ( 0)a absolute p and velocity of light (c) is given…
  8. What is the unit of reluctance?
  9. Permeance of a magnetic circuit is _________ the cross-sectional area of the circuit.
  10. Refers to the non- metallic materials that have the ferromagnetic properties of iron.
  11. If two similar charges 1 coulomb each are placed 1 m apart in aira then the force of repulsion is
  12. A principle that states that only two electrons with different spins are allowed to exist in a given…
  13. A germanium atom has an atomic weight of72. How many neutrons are there?
  14. The relative permeability of a magnetic material is 10^5. What is its permeability?
  15. The science of adapting electronics to aerospace flight.
  16. Which of the following is a paramagnetic material?
  17. The emf induced in a coil due to the changing current of another neighboring coil is called
  18. The magnetic field of a magnetized iron bar when strongly heated
  19. This paper does not exhibit electricity because it contains the same number of
  20. The electrons in the last orbit of an atom are called _______ electrons.
  21. The electric potential across part AB of a circuit is 5 V; point A being at higher potential. If a charge…
  22. The point in a magnet where the intensity of magnetic lines of force is maximum
  23. Residual magnetism refers to the flux densitya which exists in the iron core when the magnetic field…
  24. The magnetic flux of 2000 lines is how many Maxwells?
  25. If the number of valence electrons of an atom is exactly 4a then the substance is called
  26. The force which set ups or tends to set up magnetic flux in a magnetic circuit
  27. Magnetic fields do not interact with
  28. Ohm's law cannot be applied to which material?
  29. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
  30. The unit of flux density is