Refers to the magnetic lines

A. Flux

B. Hysteresis

C. Current

D. Magnetomotive force

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  1. A current if flowing east along a power line. If the earth's field is neglecteda the direction of the…
  2. The branch of Engineering which deals with the magnetic effect of electric current is known as
  3. A commercial alloy of aluminum nickela and iron with cobalta copper and titanium added to produce about…
  4. One oersted (Oe) is equivalent to _____ Gb/cm.
  5. If two similar charges 1 coulomb each are placed 1 m apart in aira then the force of repulsion is
  6. What is the measure of the density and sign of the electric charge at a point relative to that at some…
  7. When a conductor is stationary and the magnetic field is moving or changing the emf induced is called
  8. The ratio between the intensity of magnetization produced in a substance to the magnetizing force producing…
  9. The space outside the magnet where its pole have a force of attraction or repulsion on a magnetic pole…
  10. One weber of flux is equal to _______ magnetic lines of force.
  11. Calculate the permeability (in T/A. t/m) of a magnetic material that has a relative permeability of…
  12. The tiniest element of matter
  13. If the relative permittivity of a material is 10a then its permittivity is
  14. The contribution to the ionization in an ionization chamber by electrons liberated from t he walls.
  15. Who discovered the most important electrical effects which is the magnetic effect?
  16. Which of the following is a vector quantity?
  17. The quantity of magnetism retained by a magnetic material after withdrawal of the magnetizing force…
  18. The permeability of a material having a flux density of 5 Wb/m^2 is 10^-5 H/m. What is the value of…
  19. A test charge means a charge of
  20. The property of magnetic materials of retaining magnetism after withdrawal of the magnetizing force…
  21. A factor used to correct for the electrostatic forces of the more distant ions in an ionic solid.
  22. If the right handed bottle-opener cork screw is assumed to be along the conductor so as to advance in…
  23. Under ordinary conditionsa a body is considered
  24. Electric potential is a _______ quantity.
  25. Bonding of atoms that is due to the force of attraction between positive ions and a group of negative…
  26. Ohm's law cannot be applied to which material?
  27. The force of attraction or repulsion between two magnetic poles is directly proportional to their strengths.
  28. One electron volt (1 eV) is equivalent to _____ joules
  29. Defined as the flux density produced in it due to its own induced magnetism
  30. All matters (gasa liquid and solid) are composed of