RJ45 UTP cable has _____ Cables.

A. 2 pair

B. 3 pair

C. 4 pair

D. 5 pair

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  1. When did arch rivals IBM and Apple Computers Inc. decide to join hands?
  2. Who invented Mark I?
  3. A computer programmer
  4. Which of the following is input device?
  5. The term referring to evacuating the content of some part of the machine is known as
  6. A kind of scanner MICR is the short form of
  7. Which of the following is the most quickly accessible storage?
  8. Which of the following memories needs refresh?
  9. The device that can both feed data into and accept data from a computer is
  10. The accuracy of the floating-point numbers representable in two 16-bit words of a computer is approximately
  11. Which is the limitation of high level language?
  12. Most of the inexpensive personal computers do not have any disk or diskette drive. What is the name…
  13. The full form of ALU is
  14. Who suggested Stored Program Concept
  15. Which programming languages are classified as low level languages?
  16. Symbolic languages were developed in
  17. Which of the following statement is false?
  18. Which of the following is not a micro computer?
  19. Which of the following is not an input device?
  20. Which of the following controls the process of interaction between the user and the operating system?
  21. High density double sided floppy disks could store of data
  22. Hardware or software designed to guard against unauthorized access to a computer network is known as…
  23. A CPU contains
  24. Which unit is known as nerve center of computer?
  25. Which of the following storage devices can store maximum amount of data?
  26. The most commonly used standard data code to represent alphabetical, numerical and punctuation characters…
  27. In what respect computers are superior to human beings?
  28. A directly accessible appointment calendar is feature of a resident package
  29. A name applied by Intel corp. to high speed MOS technology is called
  30. Which device is used to backup the data?