Schizont stage in the life cycle of malarial parasite occurs in

A. erythrocytes of man

B. stomach of Anopheles

C. salivary glands of Anopheles

D. blood of man

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  1. Entamoeba differs from Amoeba in not having
  2. Nitrogenous wastes in Amoeba are expelled through
  3. The cilia in Paramecium are
  4. Pseudopodia of Amoeba are important for
  5. The resultant cells of schizogony in the life history of malarial parasite are
  6. Trophozoites of E.histolytica reproduced by
  7. The erthrocytic phase of the life cycle of Plasmodium passes in
  8. A digenic protozoan parasite is
  9. The rossette stage in lif^ cycle of Plasmodium is found in
  10. Schuffner's granules or dots are found in
  11. If a fresh water Amoeba for some reason in unable to form contractile vacuole, it will
  12. The sexual phase of life cycle of Plasmodium is completed in
  13. The trophozoite of Entamoeba histolytica reproduces by
  14. Plasmalemma membrane covers thebody of
  15. Method of food intake in Paramecium is
  16. Malarial parasites could best be obtained from a patient
  17. The first generation in the asexual phase of Plasmodium in RBCs of man is known as
  18. The catabolic wastes in Amoeba consist of
  19. In Plasmodium, gametocytes are formed by j the trophozoites in the RBS of man. They do not develop fully…
  20. In Paramecium, proteins are digested
  21. The process of reconstitution of macro-nulceus in Paramecium without any change in micro-nucleus is…
  22. Which day is celebrated as Malaria day ?
  23. The energy for Amoeba for doing work comes from
  24. The mode of life of Plasmodium in man and mosquito respectively is
  25. Protozoa which completely lack trophj organelles are classifed under
  26. Asexual reproduction during schizogony of malarial parasite is a kind of
  27. The ecological niche of Entamoeba histolytica is
  28. The cell anus in some protozoans known as
  29. The function of neuro-motor system of Paramecium is
  30. In the life cycle of Plasmodium, man is the