Short cut Ctrl + R is used to

A. Re-Open the last closed document

B. Re-Print the last printed page

C. Re-Apply the last paragraph formatting

D. Right align the selected Paragraph

You can do it
  1. Short cut Ctrl + R is used to
  2. How can you apply exactly the same formatting you did to another text?
  3. Text boundary can be displayed or hidden from
  4. You can move the insertion point in a table
  5. The ability to combine name and addresses with a standard document is called _________
  6. Which of the following is not one of the three Mail Merge Helper steps?
  7. In the merge process, you can
  8. In MS-Word, for what does ruler help?
  9. What is the maximum font size you can apply for any character?
  10. Landscape is ?
  11. Which key or key combination will move the insertion point to the bottom of your document?
  12. Which option in File pull-down menu is used to close a file in MSWord?
  13. What is the maximum scale percentage available in Scale drop down box?
  14. Where can you find the Draw Table tool button?
  15. Which of the following commands should you always use before submitting a document to others?
  16. Which feature helps you to inserts the contents of the Clipboard as text without any formatting
  17. Which of the following is not essential component to perform a mail merge operation?
  18. The other Col# are inactive when youve select 3 columns. How will you activate those boxes?
  19. Which of the following is not a font style?
  20. Why Drop Caps are used in document?
  21. What is the shortcut key you can press to create a copyright symbol?
  22. The feature of Word that automatically adjusts the amount of space between certain combination of characters…
  23. Ctrl + Down Arrow is used to
  24. By default, on which page the header or the footer is printed?
  25. What is the Short cut key for line break?
  26. Essential business letter elements include the _____.
  27. To select a block of text, click at the beginning of the selection, scroll to the end of the selection,…
  28. Which of the following is not available on the Ruler of MS Word screen ?
  29. The _____ is a short horizontal line indicating the conclusion of a document.
  30. From where you can access Save command?