Symbolic logic was discovered by

A. George Boole

B. Herman Hollerith

C. Van Neumann

D. Basic Pascal

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  1. The brain of any computer system is
  2. A compiler means
  3. Time during which a job is processed by the computer is
  4. What was the expected feature of fifth generation computers when Japan started FGCS?
  5. Which statement is valid about computer program?
  6. Each set of Napier's bones consisted of rods.
  7. When did John Napier develop logarithm?
  8. Basic is _____ language.
  9. Excessive parallel processing is related to
  10. Who is the father of Computer science?
  11. Malicious software is known as:
  12. The CPU and memory are located on the:
  13. How many address lines are needed to address each machine location in a 2048 x 4 memory chip?
  14. A program that is employed in the development, repair or enhancement of other programs is known as
  15. Which of the following is not electro-mechanical computer?
  16. ASCII stands for
  17. Which of the following is used for manufacturing chips?
  18. The first firm to mass-market a microcomputer as a personal computer was
  19. The first digital computer built with IC chips was known as
  20. A technique used by codes to convert an analog signal into a digital bit stream is known as
  21. What is the most common tool used to restrict access to a computer system?
  22. Which statement is valid about computer program?
  23. Which of the following memories needs refresh?
  24. Which of the following is not a valid size of a Floppy Disk?
  25. When was the company named IBM?
  26. Properly arranged data is called
  27. Another word for a daisy wheel printer
  28. The binary system uses powers of
  29. The term ________ designates equipment that might be added to a computer system to Enhance its functionality.
  30. Algorithm and Flow chart help us to