The area of capacitor plates increases two timesa then its capacitance

A. Increases two times

B. Increases four times

C. Decreases two times

D. Decreases four times

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  1. Which statement is true about a passive circuit?
  2. The reactance curve is a plot of frequency versus _____ for a series RLCcircuit
  3. Points to be considered in choosing a capacitor
  4. The symbol Q refers to
  5. The power factor of a certain circuit in which the voltage lags behind the current is 80 %. To increase…
  6. A trimmer is a variable capacitor in which capacitance is varied by changing the
  7. If three 100-pF capacitors are connected in seriesa then the total capacitance is
  8. When the power factor of a circuit is zeroa
  9. What is the rms value of a square wave?
  10. The temperature-resistance coefficient of pure gold is
  11. A switch designed to have low capacitance between its terminal when open.
  12. In a complex number 5 + j 10a 10 is called ___ part.
  13. Which of the following dielectric materials makes the highest-capacitance capacitor?
  14. The factor 0.707for converting peak to rms applies only to
  15. The electric field strength between capacitor plates has a unit
  16. What is the other name of relative permittivity?
  17. If a coil has a Q of 10a it means that
  18. What is the most convenient way of achieving large capacitance?
  19. When resistance are connected in parallela the total resistance is
  20. A wire of one kilometre length has a resistance of 20 . If the length is halveda then the new resistance…
  21. Which of the following is the most popular waveform?
  22. If three 9 mH inductors are connected in parallel without mutual inductance then the total i nductance…
  23. A coil of inductance L has an inductive reactance of XLin an ac circuit in which the effective current…
  24. For series capacitorsa total charge is
  25. Which of the following is not considered a physical factor affecting resistance?
  26. In a complex resistance-reactance planea XLis represented
  27. Which is considered as the effect of a dielectric material?
  28. Conventional flow assumes charges flow from
  29. Which of the following is a preferred resistor value?
  30. What is the complex impedance of a circuit with an absolute resistance of 300 ?